Magformers Giant Maths Workbook


Magformers Maths Book

A fantastic A3 sized book crammed with fun maths exercises suitable for all ages. There are over 40 pages of maths-related instructional diagrams and puzzles, covering a wide range of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 topics. These include shape puzzles looking at the properties of shapes; making 2D layouts using different geometric shapes; number ordering; fractions and apportioning; pattern and symmetry; mirror images; looking at solid shapes and the relationship between 2D nets and 3D structures – and, of course, all the answers are in the back.

  • A3 sized, laminated pages.
  • Over 50 pages of maths exercises for all ages.
  • Covers topics from simple shape sorting to 2D nets and 3D solids.
  • Lots of fun puzzles, with answers at the back.
  • Perfect for tables to share in the classroom, or for extended maths learning at home.
  • Foundation Stage and KS1 and KS2 topics covered.