Magformers City Bus Track Set (16 Pieces)

£12.99 £34.99

Magformers Town Bus & Track

The Magformers City Bus set is part of the new Town Series and can be enjoyed on its own without Magformers pieces - but is also compatible with all Magformers sets.

The cute motorised bus travels along a layout of 11 road pieces (the final design of the layout is up to you).  It always stays on course thanks to a clever on/off interlocking hook mechanism, but this can easily be disabled with one click of the 'free play' switch to let the bus trundle along flat floors on its own, containing your favourite little play characters.

A cool Stop-Go barrier automatically brings the bus to a halt, then once you lift it the bus carries on its journey around Magformers town. A bridge piece brings added play value for children featuring the City Bus Set as a centrepiece to any townscape they build using Magformers magnetic pieces or other building blocks.

* Magnetic pieces sold separately.