Magformers Sensor Block Set (47-Pieces)


Make Models Move With Sensors

Introducing the new Magformers 47-piece Sensor Block Set! With more than 30 magnetic pieces and accessories, building has never been easier! Attach wheels to squares and triangles to gear blocks; the possibilities are endless! With special USB chargeable motion, sound and light sensors included, playtime is taken to the next level!

Build a car and control it by placing your hand over the light sensor. When you’re done with the light, change the vehicle and control it with sound by clicking your fingers! As an added extra, control your creation by waving your hand over the motion sensor!

  • Amazing sensors control what happens to your models: bring them to life using light, movement or sound. Clap your hands and watch the car drive. Turn off the lights and watch the robot spring to life.
  • Build cars, robots, spinning flowers and lots of other amazing 3Dstructures.
  • Fantastic hi-tech magnetic construction set.
  • Award-winning Magformers has over 50 global play and educational awards.