Magformers Smart Set (144 Pieces)


Loads of Pieces With Wheels

The Magformers Smart Set brings together elements of multiple MAGFORMERS sets so builders at all levels will enjoy imaginative and stimulating play.
With 144 pieces the Smart Set is comprised of a variety of shapes with accessories like wheels.
The instantly connecting pieces make building easy for children of all ages and the creativity of this set will engage children of all ages.

The Smart Set's variety of pieces also allows you to build multiple structures at one time and, of course, there's always enough to share with a friend..or two.
The possibilities are endless and your only limitation will be your imagination!

What's In The Box?
144 pieces : 46 Triangles; 44 Squares; 12 Pentagons; 6 Rectangles; 4 Hexagons; 6 Isosceles Triangles; 4 Super Triangles; 6 Super Squares and 16 Accessories.
High Quality ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM, and EN71.
  • Contains an amazing 144 pieces.
  • Includes standard basic shapes such as squares and triangles but also includes pentagons, supper squares and wheels sets. Super-sized shapes really make a difference by adding scale to your projects.
  • Contains structures such as spheres, tower, houses and animals such as dogs and horses. Or a saxophone!
  • Includes a Model Booklet to suggest construction ideas.
  • Also includes inserts for the square pieces. These can be used simply for decoration or to help kids acquire basic numeracy skills. They can even make a dice.
  • The most popular accessory – wheels – included.