Magformers Amazing Rescue 50-Piece Set


Magformers Amazing Rescue 50-piece Set

The 50-in-1 Amazing Rescue Set from Magformers features firefighter character figures, a host of special transforming accessory pieces and classic Magformers magnetic construction shapes.

This 50-piece set builds an entire fire and rescue-themed play world. You can make and transform models including a fire station, fire engine tender, rescue chopper and river boat and rescue truck – in total over 50 recommended amazing rescue-themed models.

Magformers pieces contain neodymium rare-earth magnets for guaranteed connectivity. The magnets are safely sealed in each edge, but because they rotate, they always attract and never repel - making construction of models quick, easy, fun and creative.

  • Makes over 50 different suggested rescue vehicles and buildings.
  • Includes firefighter figures and extendable ladder piece.
  • Encourages mathematical thinking and role play.
  • High-grade ABS plastic design has a 100% global safety record.