The Stick-O & Magformers Story

With Stick-O, there really is wonder and joy to be discovered from a construction toy that will last a lifetime in your family.

Stick-O is the chunky magnetic construction toy for little hands. Designed to be superfun, safe and durable, kids can have endless enjoyable hours making all sorts of cute and imaginative creations. It’s also a great introduction to the wonderful world of magnets.

Stick-O is brought to you by Magformers - the world’s leading magnetic construction toy brand. Stick-O’s larger pieces are perfectly suited to pre-schoolers and younger children, bringing a whole new dimension to educational play using magnetic forces.

Since 2005, Magformers has led the way globally in developing creative magnetic construction toys for children. Then one day someone set us a could we make our toys even more fun for little kids? So the idea for a ‘chunky Magformer’ was sown.

Now, toddlers and preschoolers love building things with our classic Magformers geometric shapes as much as any bigger kids. But when we showed them a magnetic ball with a face and ears... that’s when the fun really started! And that’s when Stick-O was born.

Just like Magformers, Stick-O has a brilliant design feature - rotating magnets. Yes, the strong little magnets safely sealed in every piece spin around, so they ALWAYS connect. And that makes model building super-easy.

Then we pushed this unique feature even further. We put the magnets inside thick rods, larger spheres, soft, rounded pieces, accessories, fact, a whole host of fun shapes in tactile designs. Then we added themes and WOW!...

Our designers just loved working on Stick-O because they’re big kids at heart! And they got really creative. The Cooking Set with ice cream cones and eggshells, is perfect for the baby baker. And the Forest Friends Set makes supercute animals.

Wheels always work well and the City Set makes pull back-and-go cars and planes, while basic sets contain simple shapes and allow kids to use their own imagination.

With Stick-O, there really is wonder and joy to be discovered from a toy that will last a lifetime in your family.


Stick-O toys have been tested against all global toy safety tandards.

  • All our neodymium magnets are properly encapsulated in strong plastic, which prevents their extraction and possible swallowing.
  • The types of magnets used in our sets are regarded as the safest magnets available today.

These are neodymium magnets (NdFeB, neodymium-iron-boron). They have a long and successful history of usage in many consumer products such as headphones and hard disks.

CE mark

Stick-O meets EU safety and health and environmental requirements conformed by European Community.


Stick-O conforms to the safety requirements for toys by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material) and European standard EN71.